Treesaver® is a JavaScript framework for creating magazine-style layouts using standards-compliant HTML and CSS.


Download the latest stable beta version, 0.9.2:

treesaver-0.9.2.js (21kb minified & gzipped)

For uncompressed or debug versions, see the downloads section of the Treesaver.js GitHub repository.

Treesaver.js example
An example of treesaver.js in use
Some more examples of the Treesaver framework in use:



Important: although the JavaScript framework is Open Source, the HTML and CSS used by the sites above are not open source and are the copyright of their respective publishers. Unlike Treesaver.js, they cannot be freely used elsewhere.

Documentation & Support

The Treesaver wiki is currently the best source for documentation and reference. Note that the documentation is still a work in progress.

Report bugs via the issues page. For questions and general discussion, use the Treesaver Mailing List.


The Treesaver JavaScript framework is an open-source project by Treesaver. It is free for all uses and made available under the MIT or GPLv2 licenses.

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