Treesaver being an open source web development tool is a JavaScript framework that is used to create magazine-style layouts using standards-compliant HTML and CSS. Verbose in nature has an unique Java coding style which is known as Google Closure Style. It is the first choice of web developers to build dynamic web apps that is easy to adapt wide variety of browsers and integrates with any device. It being light weight has wonderful client-side catching features that attract the users and ease them to visit the site again and again. All the web designers maintain standards to build web apps that compliant with HTML and CSS for both content and design. Hence, no JavaScript programming is required.

How to Get Started with this Framework?

Any software professional such as web developer, web analyst, software programmer, student or entrepreneur can pursue this Treesaver JS framework course from a reputed institution under the guidance of experienced certified instructors to attain Treesaver JS Certification with basic knowledge of Javascript coding and little work experience. Utilize this certification to find a lucrative job and start their career in JS Development framework to build their own unique web apps which are robust, scalable, and easy to manage, deploy and run on the cloud.

Key Takeaways

  • The web apps made of JavaScript are fast and compact. It is an important element for mobile applications that are 25K gzipped.
  • Highly compatible: This open source framework is highly compatible. Those professionals who are JavaScript disabled can use this framework to build new web apps that works with most modern browsers on cloud, and degrades gracefully for older browsers.
  • Get this framework that is dual licensed by the famous MIT and GPL.

What is missing in Treesaver?

The framework is not complete and is quite immature. There are still a lot of bugs that need to be fixed.
Even though Treesaver doesn’t provide pixel-perfect layouts but it gives an opportunity to web designers and helps them to create general design guidelines, which are later useful to construct a layout quickly that is appropriate to the current browser and device.
Treesaver suits with any content and currently it works better with simple formatted text and images. One can even try Treesaver for building complex tables and videos. If possible see how it might work with JavaScript widgets as this framework is not yet complete.

For further information regarding this JavaScript framework please visit the official website of that is one of the best source for documentation and reference as Treesaver wiki. Get handy this open source JavaScript framework that is fast, robust and compliant to CSS and HTML that provides design elements for page layouts by placing it within the document.