Pros and Cons of Treesaver

Treesaver is a start-up that has developed a framework using HTML, CSS, JavaScript for Digital magazines in the web browsers. It creates a very beautiful online reading user friendly experience to the users. Since it uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript for its making, no plugins are required.
Key aspects and features of Treesaver App
Treesaver has numerous features to boast about.

  1. It is clean to read
  2. It has content wrapping option according to the screen size and many more cool use interfaces.
  3. The digital pages can be swiped side to side.
  4. The ghost images on the sides of the page helps in signposting.
  5. The pages automatically resize to fit different screen sizes when you make your browser window big or small.
  6. It is open source and the source codes are available.
  7. It is fast and compact since the JS is under 25k zipped. This is very important for using in mobile.
  8. It is highly compatible. It works with all modern browsers and degrades for older browsers in which JS is disabled.
  9. It is a licensed app. It is dual licensed by both MIT and GPL.
  10. The ad revenue in the native app can be controlled by the users.
  11. It has easy social media tools.
  12. Content embedding feature is useful in the app.
  13. Search indexing option is enabled.
    Downsides of the Treesaver Apps
  14. The readers are locked in your device platform and you are disconnected from the internet if you bother to build.
  15. The native apps need to be downloaded from Android Play Store or Apple Store to install in your devices and are not inbuilt in any of the new devices.
  16. The framework is little immature with bugs that needs to be fixed. Only simply formatted text and images work well. Complex tables, videos or JS widgets do not work in its framework.
  17. It cannot create pixel perfect layout.

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